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Oh dear Stacey! 
I experienced true sisterhood with Stacey as my doula. With my family far back at home and in a different time zone, Stacey made me feel a lot more assured and ready that everything in the labor room will be just good. As a first time mommy though, skepticism was not so far fetched from me especially after most hororrific labor room stories that other moms shared with me, but Stacey was emotionally available to tender to me with reassurance- (little did i know that her own labor room experience was interesting until later afetr giving birth!)

Not only was she emotionally available, she was physically present whenever we needed her as well. I recall her offering me to meet up with her for walks just so that I can get enough moving about- that was the sweetest thing under the circumstances that i was in as well as the harsh weather conditions.

She helped me champion the labor period with the massages/ compressions that she and my husband interchangeably gave me, the walking exercises that she helped me through, as well as the breathing exercises she encouraged me on- it was not a walk in the park! But her presence, prayers and encouragement were all spritually uplifting. My husband and I love and appreciate Stacey for having her as our doula. Our baby boy's birth was a wonder- Glory to God!

Thank you Stace, we wish you all the best in all your endeavours- we love you and we will recommend your wonderful services to anyone that may need them.                                                                                                                                  xoxo

~ Precious, 1st time mama ~

Stacey is very involved, very on top of things and wants to be as much help as possible. She said during our first meeting how she wants to help me make my pregnancy, labor and birth experience all I want it to be - and she made sure it was by listening to my hopes, but also supported me with my concerns, or back up plans for the birth. Covid definitely through a wrench in things as she was unable to be at the hospital with me during my sons birth, but she was on video chat with me the first moment she could until after he was born. She gave tips on things to try and support during it all. I felt way more relaxed during this labor and birth than I did with my first and couldn't thank Stacey enough for all she did to help me!

~ Ali, 2nd time mama ~

I found Stacey through google when I was looking for a midwife in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But I got no luck with midwife and then looked for a doula. Until I met Stacey in person, I was not very clear what a doula support is like but I really wanted a normal birth this time. When I first met Stacey at my house, I felt very confident that she is the girl and had full trust on her. She was very confident, strong and very well informed which you want in your labour support person. Me and my husband felt very comfortable with her. 

I had my first child with an emergency c-sec 5 years back and this time I did not want another c-sec. I did whatever I could during my pregnancy to stay fit and healthy so that my body supports it. But there is one thing I realized after having a vaginal birth. It is more mental game than physical and it is your support person who will give you that mental strength to bear the pain. And throughout my labour, Stacey was the person and of course my husband too. Stacey was a rock solid support with me every second and her techniques like the right breathing, walking, squatting, the ten's machine, the birthing ball, the rebozo, her positive vibes and words, her eye contact and just her presence is what made this VBAC successful. If she was not there, may be I would give up with all the pain and ended up in a c-sec. It was Stacey's support that I did not take any pain medication during my labour pain and it progressed smoothly as I followed her techniques. She is an amazing person and this birth is very emotional to me as I trusted my body and Stacey gave me confidence that you can do it. I am so proud and grateful that I found her just in time and she had an availability when I needed her. Thank you very much Stacey. We did it finally :)

~ Sparshi, 2nd time mama VBAC ~

Stacey was incredibly supportive, steady, and attentive throughout the entire process. She offered suggestions for labouring, and used several methods to help manage labour while listening attentively to what was helping and what wasn't. Post birth, she made sure I was fed well by fetching several pieces of PB and jam toast from the kitchen (haha!). She's truly an advocate for informed birth choices and is passionate about what she does. She's a fantastic doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking out an excellent support during labour, birth, and post-birth.

~ Ashleigh, 4th time mama ~


I am so thankful that we connected with Stacey! 

This was our first pregnancy and from the beginning I was followed closely by the fertlity clinic and an OB. Being a plus size mama with past miscarriages, I had experienced more than my fair share of testing, appointments and negative comments about my risks and potential complications to this pregnancy. I knew that I wanted some form of personal care and support over and above the health care system, and searched for a doula to come alongside us. 

Stacey calmed my anxiety from our very first meeting. She was knowledgable and supportive and was a great support to my husband and I throughout the pregnancy. She met us for prenatal sessions and discussed our hopes and fears for our birth. She listened and gave advice when needed and quickly became a friend that we both could reach out to when she was on call. 

Stacey taught me the importance of advocating for myself in my birth. She gave me the courage to find my voice and demand the care that I deserved. I ended up switching to midwifery care with the support of Stacey and had the birth that I dreamed about!

On delivery day, she recieved a text at 6:30am from me and kept in touch until my contractions were more intense. She then came straight over and supported us throughout the evening and into the morning hours. She took amazing photos of that day that we will cherish forever. 

Stacey was able to support us in postpartum care and checked in often.

I would recommend Stacey Tweedle as a doula without hesitation!

~ Melissa H, 1st time mama~


My baby decided to come 1 month before the due date. I was very anxious since I didn't feel prepared yet. Even though I was only 35+6 weeks, Stacey showed up for the birth of my baby and having her there made a huge diffence since my husband and I were very anxious first time parents. She was amazing and helped us through the whole process which I am glad to say, it was a success. We also have her as a postpartum doula which is making ou experience with a premature newborn a bit easier. 

~ Ana, 1st time mama~


Stacey was a fantastic addition to my birth support team.  I was eager to try to birth without an epidural and Stacey had some fantastic pain relief methods that really helped me. I feel like she got quite the workout! With her support I was able to dilate up to 10cm and push for a couple hours without an epidural. She was very hands on and made me feel supported the entire time. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend Stacey!!

~ Amanda, 1st time mama~


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