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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doula and what do they do for me?

A doula is a trained professional in comfort measures and evidence based birth.  As your Doula I will help you achieve your goals for your labor and delivery, help you navigate any fears or anxieties you may have and be by your side your entire labor and delivery.


Are Doulas and Midwives the same?

We are NOT the same.  Midwives are medical care professionals and a Doula does NOT do anything medical.  We are strictly a support person that can assist you in different laboring positions and comfort measures.  We don’t perform cervical exams and we don’t catch babies.  We give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby and encourage you to talk to your care provider for any medical needs you might have.


Why would I want a doula and not just my family?

Because Doula’s are trained and know the physiology of the body, labor and delivery.  We are trained extensively in comfort measures and evidence based birth.  We are able to give you all the tools you will need in order to make the best decision for you and your family.


Does a Doula help with breastfeeding?

We do help with the first breastfeed if you want.  Postpartum doulas are more trained in breastfeeding and a great option if you need further help (As of May I will also have a postpartum Doula package.  I can also recommend lactation consultants to you if you so choose.


Can a Doula attend a homebirth?

ABSOLUTELY!  I love homebirths as long as there is a registered care provider present.  I will not attend a birth if there is not a midwife present.


What is the difference between a Doula and a Certified Doula?

A certified Doula comes with the organization benefit.  Because I am certified with DONA International, clients can often get reimbursements through their insurance providers. *Once certification is complete*


If I get an epidural do I even need a Doula?

Lots of birthers who choose to have an epidural still choose to hire a doula.  I will provide you with all the information in regards to risks, benefits and side effects.  Please remember that sometimes labors are quick and there is no time for an epidural.  In this case I will help you as best I know how in comfort measures and making sure your labor and delivery is still everything you imagined.


Will my spouse/support person still have an active roll?

YES, I do not and will not replace your spouse/support person.  In my prenatal visits I do lots of education around birthing positions with you and your spouse/support person.  We talk about what my role would be and what you would like me to help with in my prenatal visits.  I also support birthers who don’t have a support person, in this case I will take on a more active role if you so choose.


Does a Doula only help with birth?

A doula does not only help with birth, we do some education (I highly recommend you do a childbirth education class), help with breastfeeding and do 1 postpartum visit.  There are also postpartum doulas which I will be getting trained in April!


Can I have a doula if I have a midwife?

YES!  Doulas are trained in comfort measures and emotional support for you and your partner.  Midwives main focus is the medical needs of you and baby and they actually LOVE working with Doulas.  Its the best of both worlds, the Midwife can focus on everything medical while I focus on helping you with comfort and making sure your birth is everything you imagine.


How much does it cost to hire a doula?  It’s a big investment.

You can find this information in my services tab or by calling me.  As for the investment it is big, however, you will get peace of mind knowing that you have made the best decision for you and your family.  The help that I will give you for your well being and psychological and emotional support will be so worth it.

Some insurance companies reimburse for Doula services.

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